Head of Business Development

Mary Izegbua Ogangwu graduated from the University of Lagos in 2004 with a BSc. (Hons) in Pharmacy. She worked at the Lagos State General Hospital as a pharmacist and later joined Innovative Medical Services (IMS) Hospital, Lekki.
Mary completed her MBA at the Lagos Business School in 2011, after which she began her business development career with CODIX PHARMA Ltd. Her diligence and competency earned her the opportunity to feature in various roles, which include, Regulatory Officer, Product/Business Development Manager, Superintendent Pharmacist, Head of Business Development, and (Acting) Managing Director, Codix Healthcare Sierra Leone Ltd (a position which she has held since 2017). She currently also serves as the Director of Marketing.
She is an astute professional with extensive experience and knowledge in marketing and has been able to achieve outstanding results for the organizations she has worked with.
Mary is happily married with three daughters.