SELEXON Multiple Bio-Marker Analyzer

SELEXON Multiple Bio-Marker Analyzer is a diagnostic system that quantitatively and qualitatively determines the concentration of various bio-markers: Cardiac (Troponin I, D-dimer, hs-CRP, CK-MB, Myoglobin) Cancer (PSA, AFP, CEA) Thyroid (TSH, T3, T4) in human blood. It is optimized for screening and diagnosis of major diseases including Cardiac diseases, Cancers, Thyroid disease and infectious diseases.

Importance Of Immunoassay And The Use Of Biomarkers As A Diagnostic Technique

Biological markers (biomarkers) as defined by Hulka and colleagues are “cellular, biochemical or molecular alterations that are measurable in biological media such as human tissues, cells, or fluids.” More recently, the definition has been broadened to include biological characteristics that can be objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention. In practice, biomarkers include tools and technologies that can aid in understanding the prediction, cause, diagnosis, progression, regression, or outcome of treatment of disease.

Biomarkers of all types have been used by generations of epidemiologists, physicians, and scientists to study human disease. The application of biomarkers in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease, infections, immunological and genetic disorders, and cancers are well known.

The rapid growth of molecular biology and laboratory technology has expanded to the point at which the application of technically advanced biomarkers will soon become even more feasible. Molecular biomarkers will, in the hands of clinical investigators, provide a dynamic and powerful approach to understanding the spectrum of neurological disease with obvious applications in analytic epidemiology, clinical trials and disease prevention, diagnosis, and disease management.

Contributions of Valid Biomarkers to Clinical Research (Capabilities of Biomarkers)

  • Delineation of events between exposure and disease
  • Establishment of dose-response
  • Identification of early events in natural history
  • Identification of mechanisms by which exposure and disease are related
  • Reduction in misclassification of exposures or risk factors and disease
  • Establishment of variability and effect modification
  • Enhanced individual and group risk assessments

Most biomarkers of exposure measure antecedent factors thought to modify (increase or decrease) the risk of developing the disease investigated. The advantage of a biomarker of exposure over a history of exposure is that it estimates the actual “internal” dose of the exposure.

Thus, the use of biomarkers improves the sensitivity and specificity of the measurement of the exposures or risk factors and therefore enables PREDICTABILITY in determining the likelihood of occurrence and severity of diseases.

  • Measures over 30 kinds of biomarkers such as cardiac and thyroid disorders, cancer and infectious diseases
  • Measures by qualitative and quantitative method
  • Convenient addition of new markers by RFID (Expandability)
  • Fast processing under Quick Test mode
  • Self-developed biomarkers
Sample Type Venous Whole Blood
Sample Volume 5~250? (Refer to strip manual)
Strip Storage Temperature 2?~30?
Measuring Range Refer to strip manual
Display Type LCD
Measuring Time Quantitative method: 10min
Qualitative method: 20min
Humidity 10~85%
Analyzer Size / Weight 168×190×95 mm / 0.8Kg
Analyzer Storage Temperature 10?~35?
Analyzer Operating Temperature 18?~32?
Memory 1000 tests
Voltage / Current DC 9V / 3A
Communication Port Thermal Printer
Barcode Scanner
Battery (8.4V / 4400mAh)
Data Cable

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